Free-Cooling Chiller

Fisen’s integral free cooling system upgrades not only save money by reducing electrical costs – but serve to increase equipment lifespan by reducing the wear and tear of compressor operation in low temperatures. Free cooling is an ideal solution for all applications requiring a year-round cooling load. Whether it be data centers, mission critical, grow facilities or any type of process cooling. With a Fisen solution, you can expect industry leading performance and durability partnered with a smart and efficient Johnson Controls air-cooled chiller.

 How it Works:
The free cooling process diverts the return water to fluid coils positioned in line with condenser coils. Condenser fans then contact the cold outside air with the free cooling coils to chill the return fluid down to the desired temperature without the need for compressors or refrigerant. Perfect for mission critical applications – our free cooling design allows the chiller to remain online and active in ambient temperatures below -20°F.

The intelligent controls, which can be monitored through a building automation system, activate free cooling whenever the outside air is 2°F below the temperature of the return water. This maximizes the number of bin hours for free cooling, especially for applications that operate with relatively high return water temperatures. As the ambient temperature continues to drop the free cooling system will provide more and more capacity, reducing the load on the refrigeration system. The compressors are turned off completely once the outside air is cold enough to generate full capacity.

Our high-performance free cooling option is designed to provide full capacity free cooling at much higher ambient temperatures than competitor’s designs resulting with an industry leading payback. Additionally, the use of VSD condenser fans allows us to modulate fan speed when ambient temperatures drop below the 100% free cooling setpoint. Which seamlessly controls to a constant leaving water temperature while also reducing fan horsepower and further saving energy.

Unlike large-scale manufacturers who have a restricted range of chillers available with free cooling – Fisen has the flexibility to optimize a system with the most efficient mechanical cooling chiller available due to the luxury of applying the entire Johnson Controls air-cooled chiller line. When combined with high-performance free cooling, the product results in unmatched energy savings in terms of mechanical AND free cooling.

An industrial design with a combination of welded headers and Victaulic fittings has proven to perform well with high percentages of glycol and with fewer failure points. Replacing or cleaning coils is as simple as detaching a few fittings and the coils are light enough for one person to slide out. The refrigeration and free cooling system have been engineered to operate independently during schedule maintenance, in turn offering inherent redundancy.

Whether you have tight space limitations, require an integral pumping package, or are struggling with low sound requirements… Fisen has the versatility and experience to design, engineer and build a free cooling chiller to your unique conditions. All backed by the Johnson Controls warranty and a national network of over 10,000 service providers.

Customers & Applications Served

  • Sprint Sprint, Data Center
  • UMAS UMASS, Education
  • OSU Ohio State University, Education
  • DuPont DuPont, Pharmaceutical
  • Winchester Winchester, Manufacturing 
  • Tolmar Tolmar Dermatology, Pharmaceutical
  • Notre Dame Notre Dame, Education
  • Amneal Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical
  • Edmonton Police  Edmonton Police Facility, Office Building
  • IBM IBM, Manufacturing
  • MIT MIT, Education
  • Colo-D Colo-D, Data Center
  • Stream Stream Data, Data Center
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Center
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Office Building
  • Residence/Hotel

Features & Benefits

  • Operates up to 50% more efficiently than competitor's products
  • Industry's lowest kW/ton in design and off-design savings
  • Energy efficiencies promise ROI in as little as three years
  • Refrigeration and free cooling engineered to operate independently during scheduled maintenance
  • Welded design allows for Lower Pressure Drop when high percentages of glycol are needed
  • Low Sound Options
  • Quick shipping options
  • Backed by the Johnson Controls warranty and a national network of over 10,000 service providers

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