At Fisen, we take pride in the quality of each custom piece of equipment that ships from our facility. You can be confident that each of our modifications come with a limited parts warranty and expert technical support that is subject to the following restrictions:

Limited Parts Warranty

Fisen Corporation warrants all of its custom equipment to be free from defects of material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from startup or 18 months from ship date, whichever comes first, for all work completed by Fisen.

This warranty covers parts and troubleshooting alone. If a part is deemed defective Fisen will issue reimbursement for the part and troubleshooting associated. The labor for installation is not included in this warranty unless the part was dead on arrival (DOA). Troubleshooting time is limited to 3 hours unless the technician has contacted Fisen to help diagnose the problem early in the process and received troubleshooting assistance.

This warranty does not apply to any product or part that has been subject to misuse, negligence, accident, use outside of product design intent, or attempted repair/modification without Fisen Corporation’s written approval. Fisen Corporation’s sole liability for defects or breach of warranty, shall be replacement of the parts involved, and, in no event will Fisen Corp., be liable for special or consequential damages or losses including property damage or other loss as related directly or indirectly to the use of Fisen modified equipment. In no event is Fisen Corp., liable for consequential damages caused by installation or damages caused by acts of nature. Fisen Corporation claims no liability for the cost of installation or any other cost incurred during the use of products manufactured by Fisen Corporation. No representative is authorized to assume additional liability for Fisen Corporation.

Buyer understands that properly installed equipment must follow the original equipment manufacturers guidelines.Fisen Corporation assumes no liability for damage or personal injury caused by negligence during installation or adjustment.

Unless otherwise noted, all defective parts must be returned to Fisen Corporation. If Fisen Corporation finds the product working properly, Buyer may be billed for testing, repackaging, and shipping. If Warranty has expired, Fisen Corporation will provide a quote to repair prior to making any such repairs. If product was under Warranty and Fisen Corporation replaces or repairs the defective product, Fisen Corporation will pay for return shipping to the customer. In no case will Fisen Corporation be liable for any cost incurred in removing or installing the product, even if the product had failed under a covered Warranty.

All returns must be factory authorized and Fisen Corporation, must issue a Return Material Authorization(RMA), prior to shipping. Returns will be shipped at buyer’s expense.

Warranty is not effective until payment has been paid, in full, to Fisen Corporation.

Technical Support Terms

Fisen Corporation will offer technical documentation for the life of any of their custom equipment. This includes replacement part specification, Mechanical and Electrical reference drawings, and Installation Operation and Maintenance (IOM) literature. Troubleshooting and technical support are also offered for all controls installed by Fisen Corporation. This troubleshooting and technical support is free of charge for the warranty period. See Technical Services & Repair Pricing bulletin for pricing information related to technical support after warranty expiration.

In no case will Fisen Corporation make their custom control programs available for editing by anyone other than its own trained technicians and engineers. If a program modification must be implemented then a new control sequence must be agreed upon and implemented by Fisen Corp.