The Problem

NBC Universal Studios’ film vault houses some of the rarest and more valuable film and photography in the world. Before modern dehumidification, some of the older films stored in the vault, experienced loss of contrast, spotting and shrinkage. In order to preserve and protect these reels from any future damage, archive managers needed a more effective method to maintain humidity levels.

The Solution

To protect the film inside the vault, a dehumidification desiccant wheel was our recommendation. This method is proven to be the most effective at precisely maintaining humidity levels without over-cooling the air, which was ideal for maintaining vault temperatures for archivists and visitors.


The energy savings from the desiccant dehumidification system gave Universal Studios a quick return on their investment, especially with California’s high electricity costs. The HVAC system continues to provide the vault with reliable performance and is backed by the world’s best warranty and largest field support network to keep the film classics in pristine condition for years to come.