How do I get a copy of documentation for this unit?

Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) manual’s, as well as schematics for each unit are available by emailing techsupport@fisensusa.com.  Make sure you include the job-unit number for the documents you are requesting.


I don’t think this unit is operating correctly, is there anything I can check before I call Tech Support?

The first thing you should do for troubleshooting is to read the IOM completely.  Additionally, many performance problems are a result of poor air flow.  If an Air Balance report has not been completed, it should be done prior to contacting Tech Support.  Adjust the airflow and static pressure to the values listed in the unit submittal and see if the problem goes away.


Anything else I should check?

Fittings and connectors can come loose during transit.  Part of the commissioning process should be to verify that all connections, hydronic, refrigeration, or electrical are still in place.


How do I know if I should call Fisen or JCI tech support?

The Fisen Custom Unit Label (located inside the control panel) lists the modifications that we made to the base Johnson/York unit.  If you still have questions please call (616.698.7279) or email (techsupport@fisenusa.com) our Tech Support team.


I left a message but nobody from Tech Support has called me back…why not?

Each voicemail is automatically logged in our Technical Support System.  From there they can get emailed to the appropriate Support Technician or Engineer.  If no one has called back yet, rest assured our team is working on your request.  The advantage of leaving a message or emailing is that our team can work on solving your issue prior to talking to you.  Our goal is to return your call within 30 minutes, but heavy call volume or complex problems may increase that time.


Great, but I’m on the roof right now.

We understand.  If you’re on the roof, or at a remote site please note that in your voicemail.  We will work to prioritize your call if you leave that information in your voicemail.


I know what’s wrong, I just need to order a part. 

If the unit is still under warranty swapping parts or making modifications to the unit may void the warranty.  Please contact our Tech Support team for assistance in troubleshooting prior to removing any parts from the unit.


Where do I find a parts list for this unit?

We keep a parts list for each of our units, as well as construction photos.  The best way to get replacement parts is to email techsupport@fisenusa.com.  Component part numbers and/or pictures will greatly expedite the process.