What We Do

We engineer and manufacture custom HVAC solutions. Building a custom HVAC piece of equipment from the ground-up can be costly, which is why we've partnered with Johnson Controls to leverage their equipment and provide building owners solutions that offer the perfect balance between cost and functionality.

Our Services

We make our customers more competitive in the marketplace by providing engineered solutions for meeting the exact needs an HVAC system must fulfill in a given installation. Our technical expertise and responsiveness allow us to provide the highest quality of service and solutions for our customers.

The Product & Process

As an authorized manufacturer for Johnson Controls, the mission-specific equipment we create maintains the original equipment warranty from JCI. We work closely with Johnson Controls to ensure a seamless integration of our technologies, processes, and engineered solutions.


Our custom-engineered solutions are designed to conserve water, save energy, eliminate chemicals and contamination, while dramatically improving efficiency and return on investment. Our mass-manufactured equipment modifications provide customers with a high quality alternative to a custom-built system that not only lower upfront and long term costs but also reduce manufacturing inputs and material waste.


Water Conservation

Water-saving enthalpy plates and energy wheels installed in our custom HVAC systems keep moisture from being exhausted during dry winter months by using it to humidify the outside air coming in, thus reducing the need for humidification in a building.


Energy Conservation

Our custom HVAC solutions increase efficiency by reducing run times and utilizing energy recovery. Our free cooling chillers utilize ambient air to cool return water from the building. Our solution results in a typical payback of two years or less through the decreased compressor run hours.


Eliminate Chemicals

By increasing efficiency and/or reducing run times, the life of our units is dramatically extended and the need for frequent maintenance is decreased.